Kirsty Strowger

All Natural, All Australian, All Good

Kirsty Strowger

Managing Director



With long-held passions for inner health and natural healing, company managing director Kirsty Strowger has built Nature’s Help from a weight loss supplement manufacturer with over 400 Australian stockists, to a healthy lifestyle product company and creating the sister company Turmeric Australia where their sought-after Turmeric products hold pride of place in their catalogue.


Kirsty led the drive to create “Turmeric Australia” which produces a range of Turmeric proprietary products including the company’s standout star offering, Organic Turmeric Capsules with black pepper and ginger. The boutique range also includes Bio-Fermented Probiotic Liquids, Powder and recently she introduced the very popular Turmeric Chai Latte Blend and the Turmeric Smoothie Blend which has the added benefit of containing 72 trace minerals, something else Kirsty is passionate about. Under her stewardship, Nature’s Help and Turmeric Australia has also moved towards direct online sales to and practitioner stockists.


With a background of 15 years inof beauty therapy, owning and operating her on clinics in Germany, the UK and in Australia, Kirsty then added Colon Hydrotherapy to her jointly owed clinic with a good friend of hers here on the Gold Coast. The two girls enjoyed much success in treating and looking after the inner health and wellbeing of their clients until Nature’s Help was calling for Kirsty’s full-time commitment.


Kirsty has a strong sense and gift in business development, marketing and social media. She has created a tight-knit company that feels like a family, with the common goal to provide customers with great products and great service.


In March of this year Kirsty had the pleasure of meeting with the one and only Jerry Lewis. Both he and his wife were advocates of Turmeric and Jerry was more than happy to be an Ambassador for Turmeric Australia. Although Jerry is known worldwide for his slapstick humour, something you may not know is that, Jerry begun to fundraise for Muscular Dystrophy Association in 1954 and has been an official ambassador for over 47 years. Through fundraising, Jerry has raised over USD$2.6 billion dollars for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.


June 19th 2017 will see the Legionnaires of Laughter (LOL) event hosted in New York City. This event is to honour a select group of the most influential and successful world renowned comedians, comic actors, writers, artists, and entertainers whose work has touched lives bringing healing smiles to audiences around the world. The night will also see the introduction of the Robin Williams award, honouring comedic work in his honour. Moreover, the night is also a charity event to raise funds to help build a Jerry’s House facility right here in Melbourne, Australia. The objective is to have a Jerry’s House in every major city throughout Australia and eventually the world.


Jerry’s House is a place that the most vulnerable and traumatized children can go whether it is environmental, social, physical, or emotional trauma through family, community, or illness. ​Jerry’s House is a place where these individuals can be taught the powers of comedy and humour to change their perspective and/or heal themselves and the world around them.


“Jerry’s House is comedy, humour and play. It is designed to bring joy, fun and laughter into the healing process for children and young people challenged by an illness or their environment. It is supported by research that demonstrates how health is positively affected by humour, laughter and joy.” – Jerry Lewis