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Hemp Healing Balm – 100ml

Hemp Healing BalmNourish and Heal with Nature.

Designed for both Mumma and Bub, this easy to use 100 natural healing balm is designed to smooth and heal the skin where we need it the most. Containing organic Australian hemp seed oil and Australian beeswax you be can rest assured that what you are putting on your most vulnerable mumma and bubba baby parts is free from anything that is not natural. The combination of hemp seed oil and beeswax is perfect for sore or cracked nipples, C-section scars any other minor discomforts in or around mother nature’s birth canal! It can also be very beneficial for eczema for all ages.

This product is also the GO TO for insect bites, rashes, skin irritations and abrasions. It is completely natural and safe to use on babies to reduce nappy rash.



    • Hydrates dry lips.
    • Perfect for hydrating hard working tradie hands.
    • Prevents calluses from forming.
    • Relieves and protects inflamed skin.
    • Protects against nappy rash.
    • Soothes skin irritations.
    • Softens even the toughest cracked heels.
    • Soothes dry and itchy scalp.
    • Can help heal minor cuts and abrasions.
    • Helpful for preventing chafing.