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Organic Turmeric Powder – 200g


Certified Organic Turmeric Powder for making the highest quality Turmeric paste for you and your animals.
Each 200gram bag or Organic Turmeric Powder will make up to 4 batches of Turmeric paste.
Remember: Add the freshly ground pepper and oil AT THE END of cooking. Stir well (a whisk is ideal) to incorporate the oil and allow to cool.
Your Turmeric paste will last up to 2 weeks refrigerated. You can also freeze a portion if you think you have too much to use within two weeks.
Use for Golden Milk, Smoothies, stir into Yoghurt, add to your dinner plate as a condiment… AND don’t forget your pet’s dinner plate or your horse feed

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Watch Lily Banhidy’s short Video below on

How to make Golden Paste & Golden Paste Blobs

(so you can take your Turmeric Paste on the go).