10 Easy and Ways to Use Turmeric or Golden Paste

10 Easy and Ways to Use Turmeric or Golden Paste

So you have made your golden paste now you are thinking how to use it.  It’s just to add to dogs dinner right?  No, there are many ways incorporate golden paste in to your daily diet.

1. Take It As Is
You can simply spoon it out of the bowl if you like.  One very popular way, especially if you are like  teaspoon to 1 tablespoon daily. 

2. Honey
If you find the paste a little hard on the pallet, you can sweeten it up simply by adding some honey. 

3. Warm Milk
Golden milk/turmeric milk is one of the most popular ways to take turmeric in the daily diet. Turmeric milk is extremely popular in Asian countries. You just need to add some turmeric paste in your warm milk and drink it. That’s all! Warm milk at night helps in inducing sleep apart from its usual benefits to bones etc.

4. Salads You can make a really tasty salad dressing, but adding a bit of oil to your paste until it is runny enough to pour over your salad. 

5. Smoothies
There is no rocket science in this one.  Just add a teaspoon to your smoothie.  A turmeric and banana smoothies tastes a lot better than it sounds, I promise.

6. Curries
This one is also quite obvious. Our favourite recipe is Curried Sausages made with turmeric powder instead of the traditional curry powder.  You can use a lot more turmeric as well, so is a really good recipe for good turmeric consumption.  

7. Rice Many of us have rice in meals or otherwise. Turmeric paste can easily be added to the rice. You can add after you have cooked the rice and it is still warm and moist (enables smooth distribution of paste everywhere).

8. Lemon Energy Balls  
These are a great snack idea packed with superfood goodness.
See recipe here: Lemon Energy Balls.

9. Tea
Another great way to have turmeric paste. You can add turmeric paste to warm cup of water, add honey and your quick turmeric tea is ready. (Note you may wish to strain it couple of times first as it may be a bit grainy)

10. Soups
This is the best! It can change the flavour a little or lot, it up do you.  Simply stir in as little or as much as you want to your own liking. Our favourite is this Turmeric & Chicken Soup.

As you can see, without too much over thinking, using turmeric paste is really quite easy. We have lots of other recipes on our site too that you will love.  Click Here!

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