Fat Vs Muscle

Fat Vs Muscle

The scale isn’t budging….
You are putting in the time, working out and lifting heavier than you have prior. Your clothes are FITTING better and you FEEL smaller but what is going on? That DARN SCALE number isn’t budging or even worse, it keeps going up?

Before you toss the scale out the window there is a bit of critical information you must learn about Fat vs. Muscle.

Fat vs. Muscle: Did you know that 5 lbs of muscle and 5 lbs of fat may WEIGH the same technique if you put them on the scale, BUT the same weight in fat takes up so much more MASS than the same weight in muscle? Chances you have heard this, but the picture shows it…



Sure, if you WEIGH them they will weigh the same but look at how much volume the fat takes up? Look also at how tight and hard the muscle looks in comparison to the jiggly fat block?

The same people that say they “know this” are the ones that get upset when they lift weights and wonder why the scale isn’t “drastically” going down. 5 lbs of muscle do NOT weigh more than 5 lbs of fat. The 5 lbs of muscle weigh the SAME as 5 lbs of fat. Muscle just takes up so much less space than fat. So yes, your weight may not adjust much but when you replace fat with muscle you will be so much smaller and tighter.


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