Veterinarian, Dr Andy Pieris BVSc (hons) on Turmeric for Pets.

Veterinarian, Dr Andy Pieris BVSc (hons) on Turmeric for Pets.

“As a veterinarian, keeping your pet healthy is my number one priority. Pets suffer from many illnesses that can result in compromised health, just like us.  With the assistance of naturally sourced products such as Turmeric, your pet can be on the road to recovery a lot sooner.

Recent studies have shown that potential uses in veterinary medicine include adjunct treatment for osteoarthritis, viral infections, ulcerated lesions and even some tumours.



With its plant based anti- oxidants and naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties, Turmeric is fast on the rise as an addition to your pet’s treatment regime. I have personally seen the benefits of Turmeric first hand in my dog, he loves the taste of his turmeric coated food and his mobility has improved with the addition of this in his elderly years.

As a bit of fun at my practice in Casuarina, we are now offering ‘Golden Turmeric Latte’s’ to selected patients. We use only lactose free milk, as 50% of dogs are lactose intolerant, and the milk moustaches seen are testament to our delicious creation! Why not treat your dog as well as yourself with the goodness of this golden anti-oxidant in the most delicious way?”



There is also increasing evidence supporting the use of probiotics in dogs. I’m extremely excited with the launch of Nature’s Help, new ‘Pet Probiotic with Turmeric’, as it is full microorganisms that were previously known to be beneficial to humans and now to our pets. Such benefits include stimulating the growth of all the ‘good bacteria’ in the intestines to keep the intestinal flora at healthy levels.  Our pets suffer from diseases that can upset the balance of normal gastrointestinal flora and probiotics can help restore this.



Dr Andy Pieris BVSc (hons) is a vet and owner of Casuarina Seaside Vet in NSW, with her husband Josh, also a vet. The clinic itself is recently built with a beautiful, clean and uplifting design with the beach only metres away. While the clinic is new, they are always busy! There is a gorgeous, young team there to support Dr Andy and the animals that come to the clinic. Graduating from University of QLD with Honours in 2009, Dr Andy worked for 2 years as a large animal vet before focusing on dogs and cats. Dr Andy,  strongly believes it doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do.

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