Where Do You Buy Your Coffee Pods? And More Importantly, Are They Biodegradable?

In Australia, we love our coffee. It’s almost impossible not to see someone holding a take-away coffee-cup walking down the street or go to an Aussie’s home without seeing a coffee machine or press. In fact, coffee is one of our nation’s pride, that it has gained its popularity as far as the United States.

Yet, as we enter the #ClimateChange error we are more than ever conscious of the materials used to house our favourite food and beverages.  The thought that all of those disposable cups and coffee pods mixed up in millions of tons of landfill is becoming quite conflicting for us.

Did you know that in Australia, we consume 3 million coffee pods in a day? No wonder Aussies are such a productive bunch with all that caffeine going around! Did you know that each of those pods that end up in the landfill will take hundreds of years to breakdown? Pretty scary, right? You want to do your bit for the environment but there is just no way you are giving you a beloved cup of coffee. Hence the emotional conflict.   Well, we have good news for you. You now have a choice. You can enjoy your coffee guilt-free and in the comfort of your own home! You can even overkill the hashtag #DoingMyBitForThePlanet

What Are 100% Biodegradable Compostable Coffee Pods?

In contrast to plastic and aluminium pods, biodegradable compostable coffee pods are made from plant-based material, and the seal at the top of the packaging is made from pulp paper. These pods can be thrown in the regular trash can and will break down in just one hundred and eighty days.

In 2018, Nespresso and Rio Tinto signed a Memorandum of Understanding to source fully sustainable aluminium to produce Nespresso capsules by 2020. Nespresso’s effort to make environmentally friendly aluminium coffee capsules is commendable. However, this doesn’t really address the negative environmental impact of these capsules.

Capsule Pack takes pride in creating a solution to this environmental concern and are very proud to initiate it here in our nation with partners like Nature’s Help and Turmeric Australia.

The BioCap capsules are the first locally produced (Gold Coast) 100% biodegradable and compostable pods available to our coffee industry. BioCap coffee pods are entirely made from plant-based materials, including the foil. They are produced from sugarcane and sugar beet, making the capsules 100% biodegradable and compostable. Absolutely no recycling needed. BioCap is made out of Fibres, Starch, Proteins, Lipids and Additives of natural origin. The Capsule Pack products bear the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) logo, which means our coffee capsules are all-natural and chemical-free.

Turmeric Australia is proud to introduce our new Organic Turmeric Coffee Pods which are of BioCap Capsules. Under the right industrial set conditions, of coffee capsules will fully break-down into compost after 10 weeks. This means that our entire capsule can be chewed up, and spat out by our little microbial friends, leaving behind biomass, CO2 and water. Our Coffee Pods are definitely guilt-free: all-natural, from content to packaging!

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